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Essential Landing Zone Systems™

Fine-tune your chipping and pitching routine with the ELZS™ Chart Book and the new ELZS App to find Landing Zones on the greens. Remove the guesswork and improve accuracy with chip and pitch shots around the greens.


Why use ELZS™?

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Increase accuracy knowing where to land the ball on the green for successful chip and pitch shots.

Remove the guesswork out of chipping and pitching.

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Reduce stress and make the game of golf more fun.

Lower your scores by improving your understanding of the landing zone in the short game.

Calculate landing zones at the courses you love to play.

Learn more about chipping and pitching and the importance of landing zones, green speeds, visualization and more.

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Calculate in Yards, Feet, Meters and Percentages

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ELZS RC6² Zone Calculator

Easy to use

Try it yourself

Automatically calculate landing zones for accurate chip and pitch shots on the greens.

ELZS™ Chart Book

Looking to improve your chipping and pitching in golf? Look no further than the ELZS™ Chart Book! Developed by a former teaching professional.

This comprehensive charting is designed to help golfers of all skill levels improve their game.

With easy-to-use charts and instructions, the Essential Landing Zone Systems™ chart book is a must-have for any golfer looking to hone their short game skills on the course. Simply slip it into your back pocket or attach it to your golf bag for quick and easy reference during your round.

Whether you're playing competitively under USGA or R&A rules, or simply looking to improve your game, the ELZS™ Chart Book is the ultimate tool for success. Change your short game today!

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Essential Landing Zone Systems™                         Instruction Book

Access comprehensive instructions to achieve mastery of the Essential Landing Zone System™ and take your chipping and pitching game to the next level.

Watch the ELZS™ explainer videos 



How it work's

ELZS™ can change your golf game in just a few steps

Eight Pages of Landing Zone Data

Estimate Distance from Ball to Hole

Calculate distance with a laser finder or step off the distance. Gain more valuable information by stepping off the distance to the hole, and get a better feel for the green and the potential landing zone.

Determine the Speed of the Greens

Many golf courses will inform you of the average green speed for the day when checking in with the starter. If they don't, find out before teeing it up from Pro Shop Staff. Knowing the green speed before playing will eliminate a lot of frustration and problems on the greens for putting, chipping, and pitching.

Choose a Club

The club you chip or pitch with will greatly influence the trajectory and distance of your shot. Preferably choose a club that will land the ball on the green for two to three yards. Or a club that you feel confident with to land balls in ELZS™ land zone RC6² consistently.

View ELZS™ Landing Zone Calculator

Once distance, club, and green speed have been determined and selected, ELZS™ will automatically calculate the RC6² landing zone for your particular chip or pitch shot. Allowing for accuracy and consistency to get the ball close to the hole.


Course Directory

Search and add to the course directory to find the green speeds specific to where you play. Images below show how green speeds are measured by Golf Course Superintendent using a device called a stimpmeter.

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See what golfers around the US are saying about ELZS™

★★★★★ 5 / 5
ELZS has dramatically improved my chipping game and removed the confusion I had on where to land the ball. I don't go out to the course without it anymore! Thanks ELZS team.Mike Johnson - PGA Pro, Hawaii

★★★★★ 5 / 5
I improved my average score by eight strokes using the Essential Landing Zone System. This app is a game changer!Danny Smith - Golf Student, Wisconsin

★★★★★ 5 / 5
Thanks to Chaz and the team at ELZS I've been able to increase my chip and pitch shot accuracy two-fold in just one week of using the system.Linda Thomas - Golf Veteran, Washington

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Take ELZS™ with you on the course with our easy-to-use mobile app

Coming Soon! Currently in Private Beta.

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